Burton and Thompson birthday card, 1956–77

Burton and Thompson birthday card, 1956–77

With all our love & very best wishes.
Jim & Rosie xxxx Good luck & God Bless Pal. 1958
Lots of space yet on the card
for many more birthdays.

Though it has been a bit of fun,
This ‘ere card is nearly done
So maybe next time its not too hard
To buy from ‘Woolies’ a brand new card
And how you’ve found your little home
It hasn’t got so far to roam.
All our love for 1966. Jim, Rosie & Sam xxx

With love and Best Wishes Rosies. 1956 1957 xxx

With lots of love for your 1960 birthday. Jim, Rosemary, and your wee grandson. xxxxx

All our love, God Bless your birthday 1961.
Jim, Rosie & Christopher xxxxx

All our love for 1962. Jim, Rosemary & Christopher xxxx

One year without far to travel 1964
Hanker to Hanker

All our love Jim, Rosemary & Christopher xxxx 1965

Health, wealth & happiness for 1963
Love Jim, Rosemary & Christopher John. xxxxx

I must get down to the post again
With this Birthday card for my Dad.
It’s an old card, a worn card
But it hasn’t done too bad.
There’s the years gone and the miles gone
And the Birthdays remembered.
With a lot of love and a good wish
We’re grateful for services rendered
With my lost humble apologies to the late Poet Laureate John Masefield
Lots of love Jim Rosies Chris & Michael xxx

Dear Grandpa, this time
An appropriate rhyme
Appears to elude me yet,
Though one line sounds right
Try as I might
A rhyme I can’t seem to get.
So best wishes to you,
It’s the best I can do
To put my thoughts in rhyme.
A genius I’d be
But don’t you see
I just don’t have the time.
For you 1970 Birthday all our love
Jim Rosemary Christopher, Michael &Helen.

Thank God for another year of good health and happiness

Our Love for 1971 Jim Rosie Mick Helen & Sam

My rhymes are weak
The poetry’s poor
I think I’ll turn to prose
But where I’m going
To get the room
Goodness only knows.

To a very special Dad from a very special daughter, there’s only one of each, we’re exclusive. Wishing you a Happy Birthday & all the love in the world. Jim Rosies Chris Mike and Helen xxxxxx 1975

In 33 I joined thee, I came to see who you might be.
My Dad, my Dad, I’m very glad that I chose you to be my Dad.
All our love for June 9th 1976

Sad because you’re older,
Feeling kinda bleak?
Nothings valued more
Than a well preserved ANTIQUE.
All our love to Dad & Grandpa
Rosies, Michael & Jim Chris & Helen
June 1977 xxxxx