Letters to Denis Turnwald, 17–18 January 1946


(Not to be opened until)
(Denis’s birthday )

From 467075 Sgt. A.R Turnwald
1 NZ Port Det.

You may not know what this ugly fellow is so I had better tell you. He is a monkey getting over the wall and although the boy is on the wrong side of the page I think he must be running away from the monkey. My word can’t he run. I suppose you will be able to run as fast as him by now. Am sure you will be able to beat me when I come home and it won’t be very long now. If I do not go to England II will be home about the middle of next month. Now please read the piece in the upper corner.

My typing is all over the place this time but it is fun to keep turning the letter round looking for the next part. I will be going away from here any day now and don’t know when I will be able to write again but I am sure you would rather have me home than just have letters would‘nt you. Will have to say good-bye now Darling. Lorry loads of love and kisses.

X O X O X O X O X O X O Love from Daddy.

…8th January 46.

Hello My Sweetheart,
Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Denis,
happy birthday to you.
Lots of love from Daddy.

Perhaps Mummy will sing this little song for you. I hope you like the coloured lights and Daddy will be home for your next birthday so perhaps we can fix some proper lights. Goodness I have typed on the streamers, I am sorry but do not think I have hurt them. I don’t know if Mummy is letting you have a party this year but am sure you won’t mind if you don’t have one. You might still be away for your holidays when your birthday comes along. I have made you a cake but am afraid it will not be very nice to eat. Its only good to look at is’nt it. I wonder if you were able to blow all the candles in one blow. Am sure you will keep some of your cake for me. Hope you have a lovely time Dear.

Old speckled hen said what a funny looking fellow you are. I hope you don’t come to the party.

The penguins on parade. I wonder if they are off to Denis’s party. Old father is kicking a football along and Peter and Patsy are following behind. Then there is Mummy with her head so high up in the air looking so very proud. She must be very pleased with her family.

I don’t think anyone has ever seen a red penguin but these little ones are only babies and perhaps their feathers are not all black when they are born. Don’t they have lovely white breasts.

Thank you for the lovely letter you wrote me.

1217 Ruia Road,
From 467075

Sgt. A.R. Turnwald
1 NZ Port Det.

This is the DOMINION MONARCH that Daddy was on the day before yesterday. She is going to Wellington with lots of soldiers. How I wish I could have gone home too but it will not be very long now before I will be sailing on a big ship like this. Do you remember the good times we had on the ship going to Dunedin.

Good-bye for this time Darling and I do hope you are being a good boy at Uncle Henry’s and Auntie Fran’s place. Lots of love, Daddy.

Hello my Dear Denis,
I hope you had a nice Xmas and Santa Claus brought you some nice things. This funny little man is wearing a hat with your name on it. You do not look like this now do you.
It is such a long time since I saw you but i am sure you will not have such a big face. I think he wants to shake hands with someone.

Old Freddie Snail on the other side has just said he must run along now so perhaps Denis is going to shake hands with him. It makes me laugh to think Freddie Snail is going to run because you know he can’t run don't you.

I must run along now said Freddie Snail.



Just down below here Pluto the dog has brought a cup of tea into Mr Pig but Mr Pig is very cross today and said he did not want any tea. I think the little wolf looking around the curtain must be looking for Red Riding Hood.

I have just realised that Mr Wolf is looking out of the window at the plane, I think it must be crashing. I hope the pilot does not get hurt.

Of course there is need for me to tell you about this you have had a ride in one or perhaps you do not remember that.

I don’t suppose it is as big as the one Santa came to Rukuhia in.

Letters to Denis Turnwald, 17–18 January 1946

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