Condolence letters to Pendergrast family, September 1947

Sat. Sept 26

Dear Mrs Pendergrast & Sons.
I should like to offer our sincere sympathy to you all in your so sad loss. I cannot put into words just what I would like to convey to you such a loss cannot be measured by words. But we will remember you in the best possible way.

W. & M. Luft
& Bill

Pokeno Valley

My Dear Mrs Pendergrast,
I feel moved to write to you to try & express a little of our loving sympathy for you & yours in your time of deep sorrow in the loss of your beloved husband. Words are poor things at a time like this, but it sometimes helps to know that others are thinking of you. We have felt for you these last days, as we ourselves know a little of what you have been passing through. We found our help in the “Friend who sticketh closer than a brother,” & could not do better than to point you to Him, whose love we have proved so fully,

Yours in true sympathy & sincerity,
Mr & Mrs F. Smith

577 Great South Road
Ohtahuhu S.E.Y.

Dear Mrs Pendergrast & Boys,
During the past heart-breaking week, you as a family have seldom been out of our thoughts and we have wanted very much to say or do something to help, but it seems that the most & the least we can do is say, “we are very sorry.”

Eileen & Reg. Woodcock

Condolence letters to Pendergrast family, September 1947

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