Letter to Dhiru Kala, ​​​​​​​3 August 1970

Letter to Dhiru Kala, ​​​​​​​3 August 1970

P.O. Box 2260
3rd August, 1970

Dearest Dhiru Darling,
I hope you are in the best of health as we are here. The only thing missing is your company as you can guess. As soon as you left from here the house was so quiet and during the evening nobody had anything to say to each other except that it is really quiet without you and Savita mami. For the first time after eight days I went to bed about eight-thirty but just could not sleep. The thought of being in your arms till one in the morning most probably kept me awake. It is really a pity that you could not stay with us for a few more days but I cross my fingers that the times separating us flies so that we can be together once more and never let the dreams keep us waiting like a hungry fox looking at its prey.

I received your most welcome letter this morning and till now (10.00pm) I have read the letter more than a dozen times. I understood what you were saying the first time I read your letter but by reading it over again I felt I was much more closer to you. I enjoyed studying the eight snaps you sent and tried to figure out how I would get on with your family. I found that your brother, Khanti would be the best one to start a conversation with, I do not know how you feel about it. The house looks too beautiful from the outside and I am certain I am going to make it the best home a husband ever wished to have. That party snap took me a long while until I covered every corner of the room. I recognized you instantly and now I know why you say I am just like a little doll. That girl you holding is very big and I see what you mean by saying that minis are in. The next party you go to, you will have me to hug and I hope you will be proud of having someone like me with you. Your sisters snap is really lovely and cannot just wait to meet them all.

I have placed the orders for the photos and I was told to collect them on Friday. The studio man has promised to enlarge one and have it technicoloured so that he can place it in the window. As soon as I collect the snaps I will write and send them to the addresses you gave me of New Zealand. I will naturally introduce myself and make it very clear who I will be. The photos we took at the Zimbabwe Ruins and the Kyle dam came out perfectly clear. I will bring them with me when I come down to India. The ones with the zebra are really fab and the colours are too good to believe. The snaps my brother, Vasant took at the airport unfortunately did not come out as the film was exposed when sent for developing.

As you will notice I am writing on a pad which has the print of the Victoria Falls on each page and having seen the Falls I hope these few pages brings back lots of memories of Africa whilst you are visiting England and the other countries in Europe. The only favour I ask of you is that you must buy something from each place you visit and one day we can sit down in front of a fire and you can tell me of all the exciting things that happened to you on your way to India. You get what I mean? Oh! Yes don’t forget my Teddy-Bear if you can manage to send it down please do. Lastly I would like to ask you to get some scented sandalwood oil for me. That you can give me when you see me in India because I am not in a hurry to receive it. The only other thing I can say is that have a good trip, more commonly the phrase they use is “Bon Voyage” and don’t do things I would dream of doing and maybe after six months you can solve your problem hungrily. Don’t say you don’t understand what I am talking about because you should by now know what it all is about.

By the way I am writing this letter after having phoned you and hope you receive it before you leave. If you do write and tell me on a postcard because I will be quite worried if one of the mama’s have to become inquisitive. Dinesh came home every night and he really misses you. He has asked me to pass his regards to you and said that you must behave yourself in Rome and Paris (places of romance) because he is taking very good care of me. Last night I went to watch the film ‘Bony and Clyde’ which was for persons 4 to 21. There was nothing to be censored and the film was not as good as I thought it would be.

We are starting our exams on Thursday but I can no longer concentrate on my work. Instead of studying I look at pictures of New Zealand and try to absorb as much information as I can of that country. I do this because I know that I will not feel like a needle in a haystack when I go with you. The days seem to pass so slowly and at times I feel like packing up and meeting you in England. As you say it is lonely without you. All I think of is those eight days I spent with you and I must tell you that those were the most fruitful days in my life. Nothing like that ever happened to me before and it is something that I will never forget. I feel I can say so much about my emotions feelings but I just cannot put them into words. You will not believe me but at this very moment my eyes are filled with tears of happiness.

On my behalf please thank Ramam mama for sending me the perfumes and tell him to reply my last letter which I wrote three weeks back. Tell him to stay at home and write a long long long letter rather than going out every evening. Aso tell him that I don’t intend to stop our correspondence because of the fact that we are engaged.

My love to all the members of the family and hope Bindu and Shiela are happy to hear of our relationship.

So till I hear from you,
I remain,
Yours for ever,

P.S. The ending is truly what it says so read it over again and just a little advise I would like to give you is that read my letter carefully and when you reply try to make fewer mistakes. I hope you are not hurt but after all it is for your good and it will not stop me from loving you as I do. “Bye”.

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