1. Cheerio for now

Letters to Mary O’Connor, 17–29 March 1944


Dear Mum,
Just got word now that I can’t get leave for the wedding. They tell me there won’t be any leave excepting 12 hour and they are still waiting instructions about it. They seem to have change parades and so on worked out for Sunday. Heard something about a medical tomorrow but I don’t know whether it’s right or not. If it’s all correct what we hear they will probably close the post office any time now. In that case you might not get this for a while.

The school shut down yesterday so are having a day off today. Some of the boys have gone to Taihape. Would have gone down myself if I had have known about the other earlier.

The chaps who went out the other day are back now. The rain must have been too heavy to carry on. They come in pretty well soaked to the skin and sick of it all. There isn’t much more news I can tell you just now so had better say cheerio for the present with love

from Maurice.


Dear Mum,
Just a short note to let you know all is well. As members of the advance party we leave tonight.
Just finished packing up a short while ago, and had our medical.

Getting ready for a final spree here tonight, and I bet it will be some show. Last night was bad enough but I bet it will be nothing compared with the doings of tonight. Find enclosed the knob for the door-lock. I got him in Taihape. Well I will say cheerio for now with love to all from,


See you on the wharf sometime before one Christmas.