Love notes to Jinjin Ma, January–February 2020

Love notes to Jinjin Ma, January–February 2020

[Excuse my handwriting: I am programmer so I naturally prefer keyboard to old-school pen + paper!]

My Darling Tiger!

Here is your delivery food box. Sorry it doesn’t have much fresh veges, but the supermarket I went to didn’t have a good selection. I took some liberties with your list, and added some things you might like. The passata + anchovies can be used to make things like rat?-a?-tooie? with courgettes, capsicum and egg plant. Oh and I forgot the blue cheese! Also I included some of my Sichuan peppercorns.

Enjoy! 我爱你 [I love you]

P.S. you get a discount for being so cute, so included is your refund. No bills over $50.


16 Feb 2020

亲金金, [Dear Jinjin]

I guess this is my last food-box for you. You will be back to doing your own shopping soon oh well! I really enjoyed discovering new products from you, and giving you new ones to try too. In a way this feels like the true end of your China trip now that you are coming out of final isolation. I hope you have lots of good memories from this period to look back on.

I look forward to going to Wai Rua with you. And sorry about your wrist injury. I know it sucks to be restricted from what you loved, but don’t get disheartened. There is always opportunities to find new sports, exercises, activities, hobbies. I like that you have an affinity for “usless uni courses”. It reminds me of me doing my BA. Its a difference experience/perspective, learning for the sake of learning, rather than for practical reasons

I want to start learning some Chinese now, so that I can “meet you half way” So I hope you will find the patience to deal with my annoying questions and poor pronunciation.

♡ 我爱你♡ [I love you]

麦凯贝 [McAbby]